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Milan Jaram

An award winning artist specializing in the alternative, sci-fi and surreal digital artwork.


Promotional and Concept art for Mindshaft Games
PC game 'Demons With Shotguns'

Cover artist for Bastion Magazine
#1 Best Seller weightlessbooks.com

Cover artist for Plasma Frequency Magazine
Best Fiction magazine 2014

Cover artist for Episodic Content serialized mag
A book series focusing on game development

Cover artist for Strange Horizons May 2015
Award winning science fiction magazine

Cover artist for board game 'Dungeon of Dark Descension'

Cover artist for 'Armageddon's Daughter'
by Ivan Tefalco

Cover artist for 'Matte Black' by Jacob Tipton

Cover artist for 'Tales of a Dying Star: Sword of Blue'
by David Kristoph

Cover artist for 'Tales of a Dying Star: Drowned by Fire' by David Kristoph

Cover artist for 'Tales of a Dying Star: Born of Sand' by David Kristoph

Cover artist for 'Tales of a Dying Star: Siege of Praetar' by David Kristoph

Cover artist for 'Ultimate Ending: House on Hollow Hill' by David Kristoph and Danny McAleese

Cover artist for 'Ultimate Ending: The Strange Physics of the Heidelberg Laboratory' by David Kristoph and Danny McAleese

Cover artist for 'Ultimate Ending: Enigma at the Greensboro Zoo' by David Kristoph and Danny McAleese

Cover artist for 'Anything But Sports: The Making of FTL' by David Craddock

Cover artist for 'Hunting Shadows: The Making of Gabriel Knight' by David Craddock

Cover artist for 'Dungeon Hacks' by David Craddock

Cover artist for 'One-Week Dungeons' by David Craddock

Cover artist for 'Angels, Devils and Broomsticks: The Making of Demons With Shotguns' by David Craddock

Cover artist for 'Stay Awhile and Listen: Book II: Heaven, Hell, and Secret Cow Levels' by David Craddock

Cover artist for 'Firebug: Book I' by David Craddock

Brand owner (Dirty Soap) for Rageon.com
World's largest all-over print online store

Featured at the Dorkly.com Expo & Convention centre

2015 Hugo Award nominee
-Best Fan Artist
-Best Professional Artist

BSFA Awards finalist

Illustrators of the Future award finalist

And much, much more!


All works copyright MJC.